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cleaning services in South London. Are you having a busy schedule? Are you not able to find the time and energy to clean your home or workspace? Golden House cleaning services are a solution to all your needs. It provides cleaning services in South London. The company has a very professional and expert employee base that is skilled in all aspects of domestic as well as commercial cleaning. Our ultimate aim is customer satisfaction which helps in building strong relationships with our clients.

Golden House is delivering a variety of cleaning services in South London.


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End of tenancy cleaning:

Is your rental contract about to expire? When you are moving out of the rental property it is important to deep clean the house before handing it over to your landlord. Here come our cleaning services to make your work easy and smooth. We are providing up to the mark services across South London. Our team will clean your property from top to bottom and every corner of it so it will look new and fresh. It will increase your chances of receiving as much of your deposit back as possible. Our super-trained team will complete this task in a minimum time with maximum precision. A great number of services are given at the end of tenancy cleaning such as:

Deep cleaning of all rooms, kitchen, play area, garden, pool area, windows, doors, switches, sockets, radiators, and every other stuff present in a house.

end of tenancy cleaning service

After Builders Cleaning:

Have you built a new house, commercial space or renovated the existing one? This service is for you because after the building or repairing work is done, it’s time for the next most important part that is to clean the property. Only then the final product will come out amazingly. Although removing the stains, dust, and debris is a difficult and time taking task, there is no need to worry anymore because best after builders cleaning services in South London are provided by “Golden House cleaning services“.

Our professional team will take care of all the complexities associated with cleaning up after construction. We have all the latest equipment and trained staff that will clean every corner of your personal or professional space. They will remove all the marks from glue, paints, varnishes, or any other material. Our crew will make sure to clean all the floors, windows, furniture, walls, ceilings, and all other stuff so that your property will sparkle and you can enjoy it in full bloom.

One Off-deep Cleaning

Do you want to deep clean your office or home? We are providing deep cleaning services in South London. Our team will cleanse your space in such a way that it will again start to feel fresh and full of life. It will transform your home in the best possible way. Golden House cleaning services provide a variety of facilities depending on the demand of the customer. It includes deep cleaning of hallways, staircases, or spaces that take loads of dirt from heavy everyday use.

Other than that, the deep cleaning also includes bathroom, Windows, Oven, Fridge, Freezer, Floors, living room, carpets vacuumed, Floors mopped, mirrors, glass surfaces, fingerprints spot cleaned from light switches Cobwebs removed, and many more. Whether you need deep cleaning of your kitchen, bathroom, or spring clean in any case we pay special attention to every detail to make sure they are completely clean and shining by the time. we leave so that you can start fresh. Even if you’re selling your home and want to get it ready to show, our deep cleaning services are here to help.

Spring Cleaning:

Spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in the springtime. The practice of spring cleaning is especially prevalent in climates with a cold winter. It is a good time for cleaning when the spring is about to start. Everything smells new and fresh. To make this one-of-a-kind experience for you, Golden home cleaning services are there to provide spring cleaning across all the areas in London. It includes the thorough cleansing of the property to remove all the dirt and dust.

Because of the excessive use of fire space and oven in winter, spring is the perfect time to give it a new life by eliminating the filth from it. Due to the COVID-19 situation, our professional staff pays extra attention to cleaning the high-touch areas such as handles, switches, etc. Every surface will be cleaned in the best possible way so that your space will look as renewed as spring.

spring cleaning services in south london


Carpet Cleaning:

Carpet cleaning is one of the intensive labors required work which needs a lot of effort and time. Firstly, it is essential to move all the items present on it then if a person does not have the proper equipment, it will be very difficult to properly clean it. To solve this problem of your Golden house cleaning services is here in London.

We clean all types of carpets using professional methods depending on the fabric your flooring is made from. One is the hot-water extraction method which is suitable for most types of carpets made from microfiber, man-made polyester, and woolen materials. In this technique, the most powerful professional machines are used which are available in the market.

end of tenancy cleaning service

Our Expert Team

Our expert team will come to your home and will move all of your furniture from the carpets then will put that into the machine with professional detergent. The cleaner will inspect all the stains present on the carpet and will treat them accordingly.

The other is dry carpet cleaning which is suitable for the mats made up of natural fibers such as sea-grass, jute, sisal, etc. In this method, the technician will sprinkle the dry powder detergent on the carpet and then with the help of heavy machines work it into the fibers. This will stick to the dirt than be vacuumed off you’re flooring together with all dust and grime.

Whichever method is needed to clean the rugs, our team is well equipped and trained to handle that. They will provide you with services to utmost perfection and satisfaction. The customer will give instructions beforehand in case of some special requirement. When the whole process will complete your carpet will look and feel as new.

Commercial Cleaning:

Your professional space is like your second home where you spend most of your time. It has to be clean which obviously will promote a good environment and healthy growth. Golden house cleaning services is providing commercial cleaning services in all of south London. Whether you have a big or small property from shops, offices, cafes, schools, nurseries, restaurants, gyms to warehouses, supermarkets, factories we have cleaning solutions for all of them.

Our cleaners are professional, reliable, honest, friendly, and hardworking because of which we can build strong customer relationships. One of the unique qualities our service providers have is their ability to pay attention to details that make all the difference. Best quality products are use to clean the spaces that also ensure the best results. All health and safety precautions are adhere to and our team always ensures that we clean to the highest standard.

In these times of COVID infection, our teams are paying special attention to cleaning with the best quality disinfectants to all the places. It will contribute towards maintaining the hygiene of the environment and also toward the good health of your employees.

Communal Area Cleaning:

Are living a busy life in London and are worrie about the cleaning of your communal spaces of yours. You come to the right place; Golden House is providing cleaning services of both commercial and personal Communal Area. Our company has professionals to do the job and is in business for the longest time. Communal areas like hallways and reception spaces are very crucial in creating the best impression on the clients because they depict a reflection of the people that manage the place.

So, we treat each of our clients according to their unique needs. Our professional cleaner’s team is competent to clean all types of communal spaces. From training rooms, hallways to entrances and employees lounge we clean it all in such a way that it will like new. Considering the COVID infection situation from the past year our company pays special attention toward hygiene using the best kinds of disinfectants products.

Domestic regular cleaning

Maybe you do not have enough time or simply do not like to do cleaning as such. Here is a solution for you; Golden House domestic cleaning services which have been working for many years has a team of trained cleaners and is here to make your life easy. WE are providing reliable services so that you will get a nice, clean home and peace of mind.

Your home will look sparkling fresh and give you time to breathe. Our ultimate aim is customer satisfaction. Our regular cleaning services included: Vacuuming / Hovering, Mopping, Microwave, Bathrooms, Furniture Cleaning, Oven/Cooker, Kitchen Units & Worktops, Lavatories, Internal Windows, Dusting, Ironing, Cobwebs / Spider webs.