Communal Area Cleaning

Communal area Cleaning in Greater London can be challenging – but fear not, you have found the right cleaning service! We have been catering to Greater London properties for quite some time. The business we are in is one in which we are experts, so we provide dependable and competitive services.

You just found the right company for your London property common area cleaning needs if you live in the North, East, South, West, or Central side of London. Golden House Cleaning Service specialists can assist you when deciding which cleaning firm will meet your requirements.

Communal Areas can Make or Break the Impression 

Public areas, such as corridors and reception areas, are crucial to making a good impression. Your busiest areas reflect not only the operations of the company but also the personalities of those who manage them.

Cleaning and maintenance of common areas including reception areas, internal windows, stairs, and post boxes are some of the communal area cleaning services we provide to property residence associations, management companies, and housing associations. 

Grab potential clients by showcasing a thoroughly cleaned mutual area. It often takes troops of cleaners to keep the most common areas clean! But no worries, we already have one! It is possible to hire cleaning services such as ours to take care of communal areas and keep them clean, tidy, and safe.

Communal Commercial Spaces

Shared areas in an office building used by more than one business are referred to as public commercial spaces. Kitchens, passageways, entrances, and similar areas fall into this category. As well as joint areas, our Common cleaning service covers co-working areas, too.

Residential Shared Areas

Common areas in multifamily buildings are typically residential common areas, though they may also refer to rooms that a whole house uses to function. Thus, we are happy to perform cleanings in a multi-family dwelling, as well as any other shared areas.

Our communal area cleaning service includes:

Each building is different, and the number of items on the schedule varies depending on the kind of area. In detail, cleaning includes the following pursuits.

Seeing as each client and property is unique, we treat them as such. Throughout our cleaning process, we take these factors into consideration. In addition to cleaning communal areas, we are qualified to clean areas such as hallways, lobbies, employee lounge areas, training rooms, entrances, office spaces, and guest rooms.

A Cleaning Specialist for us is reliable, systematic, competent, and friendly. Their schedules can be accommodated depending on your needs:

Cleaners who offer flexibility

Flexibility is one of our strongest advantages. We always have a spot for an urgent requests. See if we can handle it quickly. 

We are completely packed with resources required for cleaning a small building or even a 250, 000 sqft corporate city main office.

Uniqueness reigns supreme

Adapting our services to your needs is not an issue because we do not cut corners. Rather, our services are the complete opposite. Golden House Cleaning Service can provide an exceptional level of client and tenant satisfaction no matter how many different types of properties you manage in your portfolio.

It’s time to clean

Let us take care of your communal area cleaning maintenance. We have helped dozens of property management organizations and owners of London freeholds. Throughout the town there are many residential and commercial structures that we clean, so we take great pride in keeping them that way.

What makes us the right choice?

The company always maintains consistency in its service, providing an exceptional range of results under any period of time, so that you are not disappointed and will not be looking for another provider.

A Certified & Insured Staff

Cleaners employed by us are fully vetted, skilled, competent, and qualified with years of experience. Comprehensive coverage is offered for your peace of mind.

What is your price range?

A number of factors influence the price of communal area cleaning, such as how often the services are required, whether they are weekly, or monthly, as well as whether there is sufficient storage for cleaning materials.

You can be sure of the following:

Employ us and find out that we modify our central goals to fit in your provided prerequisites and necessities. Well, that’s an additional benefit.

So, when you find yourself in need to take assistance from professional cleaners, to clean communal areas of your property, your hunt should stop at us.

FREE Consultation

YES, you read that right. We don’t charge even a single penny for consultation. Call and avail of this service. 

Book your appointment today. Golden House Cleaning Service is just a call away and would love to work with you at your favorable schedule. First, we will perform a survey and will then discuss with you what’s the best suitable plan for you