End Of Tenancy Cleaning In London

end of tenancy cleaning in london
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End of Tenancy Cleaning can be explained as such type of cleaning which is scripted as a “must follow” cleaning that you need to do from top to bottom of the rented property. As a tenant, you are tied with the legal enforcement to clean and disinfect the entire property, if it is in your rental agreement. In other words, it is just a security for an owner or landlord of the property that a renter or dweller will make sure to clean and disinfect the whole property. It is better to hire End of Tenancy Cleaning in London.

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In a way, End of Tenancy Cleaning Services usually proves to be very hectic for the renters and tenants, it cannot be wrong to say that it is a headache for tenants and dwellers. The only easy solution to this headache is to get the expertise of Golden House Cleaning Services , which is a well-known cleaning company based in Peckham South East London. As a tenant, you need to clean the whole rented property of the owner, for this, Golden House Cleaning Services is the best available option as it provides the best End of Tenancy Cleaning in London. We offer expertise in End of Tenancy Cleaning Services all over London. We always consider our clients to have the best experience with us. This simple motive has made our cleaning company to be the best End of Tenancy Cleaners in London.

What is an Inventory Check?

Whenever the rental agreement of a property is going to expire, an assessment of damages in the property is done, just to have an analysis that whether the renter or dweller has caused any kind of damage to the property or not. If no damage is found then it’s okay but if any minor or major damage has been done by the renter or tenant, then the landlord of the property has the legal right to make him pay for that damage.

Areas to be Cleaned

Golden House Cleaning Services makes sure to clean the property thoroughly while providing End of Tenancy Cleaning Services to the customer so that landlord can put an objection regarding any kind of uncleanliness, otherwise the tenant may face serious legalization against himself. That’s why we provide serious attention to the following areas during End of Tenancy Cleaning Services:


Cleaning of bedrooms includes scrubbing of light switches, emasculating of internal window frames, cleaning of fans, and thorough cleaning of floor and walls. Cleaning of smudges and sticky stains from the glass windows and doors.


In kitchens, there is excess use of oil products, and this oil while cooking evaporates and sticks to the surrounding walls of the kitchen. Sometimes it is hard to clean out these oily stains, which is why you need to call Golden House Cleaning Services for their Best End of Tenancy Cleaning in London . We offer such services to immaculate all these stubborn oil stains as if they were never there. Also, it is necessary to clean light switches, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, and marble shelves. Golden House Cleaning Services also provides useful cleaning services in mentioned fields.
end of tenancy cleaning
end of tenancy cleaning london


The cleansing of laundry consists of services like cleaning the floor and walls, cleaning water stains, and cleaning rust from the water pipes. Golden House Cleaning Services is offering the best services to eradicate all types of laundry stains. It is the most reliable cleaning company which offers Office Cleaning in London.


Cleaning of the hallway includes dusting woodwork, cleaning the radiator, cleaning furniture, polishing door and window handles, wiping skirting boards, and mopping the floor. So, a lot of effort is required for End of Tenancy Cleaning in London which means, it is not a wise decision to do this by yourself. It is better to call Golden House Cleaning Services as they are the best End of Tenancy Cleaners in London. Our services are very attractive, appealing, competitive and reasonable than any other cleaning company in London. We are 24/7 hours available to help out our precious clients when the need arises. Apart from offering the best cleaning services, we are also well known for our reliability, as it is our utmost responsibility to keep the clients’ personal things safe. We can say that Golden House Cleaning Services offers such packages full of services that these cleaning packages can be termed as “all in one”.
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