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if you are a landlord, a tenant, or a letting agency this service is for you, we can provide you with a top-of-the-class end of tenancy cleaning service. Our fully equipped cleaning team will spend the time necessary to get your place shining and ready for the next tenant or to get your deposit back. Please note that our end of tenancy cleaning prices might differ based on the condition of the property.

We are a Professional Cleaning Company based in Peckham South East London we specialised ourselves in End of Tenancy Cleaning, After Building Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Domestic / Regular Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning, at Golden House, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide customised cleaning services for a wide range of Residential and Commercial properties in London and surrounding areas. Our qualified, experienced, and dedicated cleaner’s work with unmatched passion and determination to remove the toughest stains from your property.

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Our attention to detail and client-based cleanliness solutions makes us the best new upcoming cleaning company in London.

All our services are fully insured, and we never consider the project completed till we can guarantee that our clients are 100% satisfied with our work, we also aim to focus trying to build a strong relationship with all our clients throughout the process to ensure that our costumers cleaning experiences are as pleasant as it can be.

What is an end of tenancy cleaning?

Usually, we book an end of tenancy cleaning or a move out cleaning when your rental contract is about to expire.

Why should you take time to clean the property before leaving?

There is a couple of reason why you should get the place you’ve been renting cleaned. One of them is to Avoid disputes, cleanliness and maintenance are one of the biggest reason behind tenancy disputes. Another reason is to get your to deposit back. According to the Deposit Scheme over half of the disputes is somehow related to cleaning. Make sure that the property is clean as when you move in you can avoid that stress. On our word good references id eventing you never know when you will need you landlord or estate agency to provide you with a reference for your next property. So if you ensure that the cleaning is adequate before you move out that may help you in the future.

What your agency or landlord usually looks for?

This expected level of cleanliness really depends on the interpretation of each landlord or agency; our cleaning company works with a guide-cleaning list used by the inventory clerk to ensure that we cover must of the aspect.

Why choose a professional cleaning service?

Choosing a professional cleaning service can offer you a hassle and stress – free move, By hiring Golden house cleaning services to take care of your end of tenancy cleaning you can concentrate on the rest of you move day checklist and we also will offers you 7 days warrant for the service.

What is an inventory check?

Inventories are a report that was created to check the condition of a rental property, so they can be used to assess claims for damages at the end of the tenancy. The inventory check is very important in resolving deposit disputes at the end of the tenancy. The property will be checked at the end of each tenancy, the cleanliness and condition of the property at be beginning of your contract what is called check-in will be compared against the cleanliness and condition on check-out. All differences will be noted in the report sent to the Agent or Landlord

What is an end of tenancy cleaning?

Usually, we book an end of tenancy cleaning or a move out cleaning when your rental contract is about to expire.

What areas are cleaned on our end of tenancy cleaning?

*All prices are subject to Minimum On-going Charges applied. When we calculate the prices, we also take into consideration the postcode, size of the property, intensity and number of extra rooms. Congestion Charges and Parking may be applied (if applicable).
Removing cobwebs, Polishing all door handles, Dusting all surfaces, Polishing windows, Clean internal windows frames and seals, Vacuuming and mopping the floor, Wiping skirting boards, Clean light switch, Clean radiators
Polishing all countertops, Descaling sinks, Clean in and outside kitchen cupboards, Vacuum and mop the floor, Cleaning the oven inside and outside, Clean the fridge inside and outside, Wiping skirting boards, Clean light switch, Clean radiators, Clean internal window frames and seals, Polishing all door handles
Dusting woodwork, Wiping skirting boards, Vacuum and mop the floor, Polishing all door handles, Clean radiator, Clean furniture.
Dusting lampshades, Wiping pictures, Scrubbing light switches, Cleaning wardrobes, Polishing all door handles, Clean internal window frames and seals, Vacuum and mop the floor.
Polishing mirrors, Descaling sinks, Tile scrubbing, cleaning all cabinets, Descaling shower, Descaling toilet bowl, clean build-up mould, Vacuum and mop the floor.
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Carpet and upholstery, Appliances, External windows, Balcony cleaning, Patio pressure washed, lawn mowing can be included in the clean (upon request) parking and congestion charges are not included in price.

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning services are perfect for a healthier home. With great attention to detail, we can deal with mixed, synthetic, delicate, and leather fabrics, and remove common stains such as drinks, food, dirt, and more.

Our professionally trained staff will provide immaculate Appliance cleaning services, using only the best professional cleaning material to ensure a high standard of cleanliness

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At Golden House Cleaning Services we have a very competitive price, a deep cleaning service cost depends on the specification of each job request, but it varies our professional cleaning prices start at £89, we display our basic prices on our PRICE PAGE, so all our costumers have an idea of how much it would cost. But for a full quotation please use our online booking system.
No, you can get a quote and book, or book your service online direct. It takes about one minute.
Cleaning supplies aren’t included by default. However, if you don’t have supplies, we can bring them for an additional charge. For end of tenancy and one-deep cleaning and pops-builders cleaning the chemicals and equipment are included on the prices.
It’s completely up to you. If you’re not going to be home, make sure you let us know how to access your house by putting the information in your customer dashboard.
No, you can cancel service at any time. If there was any deposit taken prior to the service 50% of the deposit will be refunded to you. You don’t have to commit to any contracts or a pre-determined number of appointments.
We offer a range of services from weekly cleaning to one-time cleaning to move-in and move-out cleaning, Interior painting, Man and van, Property Inventory and Home Organising. You can see the different services by visiting the front page and clicking on the “Services” button on the menu bar.
Yes, all our services are insured.
Absolutely. The cleaners go through a screening process that includes a police background check, reference checks and in-person interviews. We also require significant experience in residential and commercial service to work with us.